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Finger Aerobics Ripple

posted Feb 7, 2014, 8:33 AM by Nancy Martin
This activity will move your fingers on both hands in a ripple effect.
  • Stand up
  • Make an X with your arms out in front of you. Move your palms to face you with your fingers up in the air
  • You will be "triggering" two fingers at a time. Triggering is when you pull your fingers like you would pull the trigger of a spray bottle
  • Here is the order that you will be doing this:
    • Right-Index and Left-Pinkie
    • Right-Middle and Left-Ring
    • Right-Ring and Left-Middle
    • Right-Pinkie and Left-Index
  • Now do this same sequence in reverse order
  • Try to do this as fast as possible to make a rippling effect