Shoes and Medical Notes

Every student is required to wear an appropriate pair of tennis shoes for P.E. That shoe must enclose the entire foot and be securely fastened by either tie laces or velcro straps. Shoes such as hiking boots, snow boots, Croc style shoes, Keen style shoes, and open toed shoes, just to name a few, are not permitted. Aforementioned shoes are not intended to endure the type of quick start and stop movements as well as rock wall climbing that often take place in class. If you have questions about a particular shoe please contact your child's P.E. teacher directly.

Medical Notes
When a child is at school but does not feel well enough to participate such as following the stomach flu, etc. they must bring a note from home excusing them, for that day only, to their P.E. teacher. Illness and/or injuries lasting longer than that must be accompanied by a note from a doctor stating their specific restrictions.
The same is true when a child has been released from a doctor's care, for example after a broken bone has healed, to be allowed back into physical activity. Again, this must come from a doctor and be given to the P.E. teacher. This helps us know exactly what that child may and may not do in order to keep him/her safe.